Andernacher Musiktage

I have the great privilege to be the new artistic director of this unusual and intimate chamber music festival.  The unique atmosphere of Burg Namedy, the warmhearted hospitality of Princess Heide von Hohenzollern , the enthusiasm and support of the city of Andernach and of its Department of Culture make the yearly „Andernacher Musiktage“ a very special occasion.

In 2017 the musical motto is: 

Serenade on the Rhine

Inspired by the romantic Rhine river, we look forward to great music during the the 27th Andernacher Musiktage.
Serenades by Beethoven and Brahms, Dvorak and Debussy, Mozart and Mendelssohn create a magical atmosphere.  Well-known works and rarities, large and small ensebles, light-hearted and serious: music lovers will find something to cherish and to discover.

The Grand Finale will be the perfect Spring day at Burg Namedy:
after the Matinee concert at 12 noon on Sunday, enjoy the atmosphere of the Castle, the exhibit „(Rh)einblicke“ with views of the river, the gardens - accompanied by light music and snacks. In the evening the festive final concert at 5pm which will include the famous Serenade Nr. 1 by Johannes Brahms.

Andernacher Musiktage, 19. 21. Mai 2017

Tickets for all concerts: 10 Euro
For tickets:
+49 2632 48625


Friday, May 19, 7pm
Mendelssohn Konzertstück 1
Brahms Horn Trio
Dvorak Serenade - Opus 44
Saturday, May 20, 7pm
Mendelssohn Konzertstück 2
Beethoven Serenade for Flute, Violin and Viola
Schubert "Trout" Quintett
Matinee Sunday, May 21, 12 noon
Debussy Cello Sonate
Mozart Serenade c minor, K. 388
Sunday, May 21, 7pm
Mozart Piano Quartet in E flat major
Nielsen Serenata in vano
Brahms Serenade 1 (reconstructed by Jorge Rotter )

Flute                     Robert Winn
Oboe                     Christian Wetzel
Oboe 2                  Marie Tetzlaff
Clarinet                  David Smeyers, Beate Zelinsky
Bassoon                 Georg Klütsch, Denis Plangger 
Horn                      Paul van Zelm, Matthias Schmaderer
Violin                    Barnabas Kelemen          
Viola                  Pauline Buss, Anselmo Simini
Cello                 Oren Shevlin                     
Bass                 Constantin Herzog

An interesting article about the festival: